Today in the city Boulder 25.04.2018
Boulder Police Ignore Open Carry Violations at Protest

Boulder police say they made a decision to not enforce the city's open carry restrictions during a recent protest because doing so might have escalated the situation.

Cast Adrift -- The Tide Is Coming In For MLPs

When the Fed tightens, asset bubbles begin to pop. If you are looking in the rearview mirror, you won’t see that big boulder sitting right in front of you.

New Unit to Re-Investigate Unsolved Boulder-Area Cases

The Boulder County district attorney is forming a cold case unit that will investigate unsolved homicides and missing person cases, including the 1996 death of a 6-year-old girl.

Final Day for Barge Builder Jeffboat's Ohio River Shipyard

Workers at a southern Indiana barge and towboat manufacturer are entering their final day on the job as the Ohio River shipyard closes its doors.

5 Mini Powerhouses Step Into Spring's Biggest Shoe Trends

Growing up as a young woman in 2018 means discussions of feminism, breaking down beauty standards, and fighting the patriarchy from a startlingly younger age than earlier generations (ours included)....

'We're innovating at the cusp of a whole new ecosystem': A former Goldman Sachs exec explains why she made the leap to blockchain

Breanne Madigan spent 13 years at Goldman Sachs. Now she's joining the financial technology startup Blockchain as its head of institutional sales and strategies. She told Business Insider that she was...

Is Beyoncé the greatest performer...ever? We took an informal poll

After Beyoncé’s historic and instantly iconic Coachella performance last weekend, an intense debate emerged over social media. Is Beyoncé the greatest performer ever? While some believe she is the gre...

Dakota Access Builder Donates $5M to Bismarck University

The company that built the Dakota Access pipeline has donated $5 million to the University of Mary in Bismarck.

As Boulder Sues, 15 States - Including Colorado - Oppose Global Warming Lawsuits

The City of Boulder is suing energy companies over climate change, but the state's attorney general has voiced her displeasure with its legal theory.

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